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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support At Mildura Specialist School

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is an evidence-based framework used in Victorian schools that focuses on teaching and supporting positive behaviour.  Mildura Specialist School is an SWPBS school.

SWPBS schools promote a shared set of behaviour expectations. Teachers explicitly teach and deliver instructions positively acknowledging students for these behaviours.  All school personnel are responsible for knowing the behaviour expectations, modelling these behaviours and providing consistent positive feedback to students.

The SWPBS values at Mildura Specialist School are

  • Be respectful

  • Be safe

  • Be responsible

Mildura Specialist School SWPBS Teaching Matrices

The SWPBS Teaching Matrices describe the school values in terms of positive behaviour. They are designed to provide clear instructions on the expected behaviours across different settings.  The SWPBS Teaching Matrix is shown below. SWPBS Matrices for home, travelling and digital technologies are available from your class teacher to support you to use the language of SWPBS at home. An Individual home Matrix can be provided when requested.

How is SWPBS implemented at Mildura Specialist School?

  • Explicit teaching of positive behaviour

  • Verbal and visual praise and positive feedback

  • Modelling appropriate behaviour

  • SWPBS awards and armbands

  • Classroom reward systems

  • SWPBS student profiles including targeted approaches for students with higher levels of need.

  • Communicating with parents about SWPBS

  • SWPBS assembly presentations

  • SWPBS song

School rules are devised on the mutual understanding that individual rights are respected.

The school has an expectation that students will be co-operative, well-mannered and respectful of others and their property. Personal responsibility and the development of self-discipline will be encouraged. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times including to and from school.

Mildura Specialist School is committed to the use of restorative practices with students.

These practices promote relationship development and responsibility for actions

MSS-Teachers Matrix poster (1)
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